A special three-day event for Kipling in Antwerp!

The first day, all the distributors were welcomed at the Radisson Blu Astrid Hotel for several meetings and product presentations. At the end there was a welcome dinner with a view over Antwerp station.

Day 2 was well filled and started at the Zoo with a plenary session and fashion show around the new collection. After lunch, the guests went into town as a group for an interactive city game. The day ended on the new event ship Blue Rhapsody. Here they were treated to a nice dinner in a unique setting. Influencers were also invited here to enjoy this special evening and get a first glimpse of the new collection!

On the last day, the new Kipling building The Link was put in the spotlight. A sustainable transfer was organized for this, in which the guests travelled the route from Astridplein to The Link by bike or electric step. When we arrived at The Link, workshops were given and a healthy farewell lunch was provided.