“Let’s talk about CEX” was the catchphrase for Moore Stephens’ annual Company Day. Hotel Ter Elst provided the base for a well-filled day for no fewer than 400 employees.

We started the day with some interesting break out sessions given by Moore Stephens clients. “A coffee at …” was the starting point and the sessions venues were therefore also given a matching name such as Café Latte or Cappuccino. In the afternoon it was time for the challenge of the day: prepare your own lunch without a recipe. In varied groups, employees worked with the ingredients on their table. Afterwards they could taste each other’s cooking skills for themselves. In the afternoon, the employees were treated to an entertaining presentation by Frederik Imbo about customer-oriented communication. As icing on the cake, the employees were able to have their car brought to the car wash for free by our professional drivers.

After an exciting day, the stomachs were filled with a nice dinner and the legs were released on the dance floor. It was a booming party with performances by cover band Diaz, Moore Stephens DJ’s and our house DJ.