Do you dare? In any case, the employees of Europabank do! They made this clear at their annual staff party in the ArtCube in Ghent. Their audacity was playfully tested by subjecting them to the seven deadly sins during the evening.

On arrival they had to choose from two passageways to enter the hall. What awaited them in those passages exceeded all expectations. In one corridor none other than the vengeful Devil was awaiting them. Those who ventured to the other corridor were presented with a homeless person and aroused with the sin “envy.”

They could meet the other sins in the venue itself. For greed we placed a large grab machine, from which the guests could grab a gift. Their lust was clearly tested by a rousing burlesque act and their vain self could be immortalized in a beautiful photo. Finally, their greedy bellies were filled with delicious buffets and the saturated could laze in the bodega. The party was well started by The Amazing Flowers and closed by our house DJ in collaboration with an electronic violinist!